What We Do

We create solutions for the various challenges of management needs


We developed DOTO System® about 3 years based on our 20 years of experience in software development and consultancy. During our work, we relied on our experience that the system should serve tens of thousands of users at the same time. DOTO System® supports the users in performing completely different operations, for which different competencies are necessary. Usually, DOTO System® users are employees of many organizations, which may not be related to each other hierarchically. These organizations work together to fulfill their common duties, for which DOTO System® provides the integration. This joint effort can be for example grant management, where our company has been and is still market leader in the European Union. Our Customers and users may join to support a common initiative, for example to tackle the effects of natural disasters. Our product has already demonstrated its performance in this field as well.


We are proud that we provide help for a wide range of sectors from the government
to voluntary organization in grant and aid management.







Civil Servants

Local Authorities

Customize DOTO

DOTO System

Integrated support for any and all kinds of grant, aid & development programs and projects and for the entire project cycle

Real-time and accurate management information in a single database

Complex services within the same project, incl. procedures, system functionality, and IT infrastructure

Custom-made solution according to Customer’s needs, and compliance requirements

Utilization of standard IT infrastructure

Fast implementation: system can be up and running in weeks

Industry standard interfaces with third party solutions



Separate, non-integrated IT solutions for applicants, management, monitoring, resulting in data loss and management flaws

Reports need additional work without guaranteed accuracy

The necessary services are provided as separate projects by different contractors resulting in much more management effort

Customer’s procedures have to be adjusted to the limitations of the software product

IT infrastructure depends on the specific solution

Implementation of an IT project with similar size takes at least one or two years

Numerous solutions have interfacing challenges

Why to Choose Us

10 Reasons

1. Highly integrated

2. Real time, controlled and accurate data

3. Easy workflow

4. Less administration

5. Fast and easy communication

6. Significant savings in time and costs

7. Positive public opinion

8. Limitless expansion capacity

9. Quick and easy implementation

10. Supports worldwide management

20 Years' experience

35 billion $

Amount of Managing EU Funds

20 Years'

In Professional Development


Satisfied Users


The time we were hacked

72090 Work Hour / Year

To spare with DOTO System

About Us

Laszlo Galambos - Founder

He has managed his own IT software development and IT consultancy company in the last 20 years in Hungary. Laszlo’s firm has designed, created the methodology for, developed and implemented systems for the management of European Union pre-accession, EU regional development and national grants, including the unified, central system managing all EU development funds in Hungary. He is highly experienced in system design and development, programming and database development, as well as in project management and quality assurance methodologies.

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