One of a kind PLATFORM

offering full and easy configurability

making you independent from costly service providers

providing you with the DOTO Systems Source Code

ensuring a maximum of flexibility and efficiency

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because you get a


because you get the tools to change the system


because you’ll be able to integrate new needs by yourself

Increase your potential with business intelligence

Use blockchain technology

Years of experience in Professional Development
billion $ of Managing EU Funds
150 000
Satisfied Users
The time we were hacked
72 090
Work hours/year to spare with DOTO System

What can DOTO System do for You?

Coordinate multiple tasks and efforts

Manage complex budgets

Communicate between all parties involved

Realize efficiency and transparency objectives

Track work processes live and 24/7

Solve any task characterized by complexity

Meet unmatched standards of security

Why to Choose DOTO System?

Highly integrated
Real time, controlled and accurate data
Easy workflow
Less administration
Fast and easy communication
Significant savings in time and costs
Positive public opinion
Limitless expansion capacity
Quick and easy implementation
Supports worldwide management

DOTO System Usage

We developed DOTO System about 3 years based on our 20 years of experience in software development and consultancy. During our work, we relied on our experience that the system should serve tens of thousands of users at the same time. DOTO System supports the users in performing completely different operations, for which different competencies are necessary. Usually, DOTO System users are employees of many organizations, which may not be related to each other hierarchically. These organizations work together to fulfill their common duties, for which DOTO System provides the integration.

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Civil Servants
Local Authorities


DOTO System is applicable for any branch and every context of work.


  • coordinating strategic policies & projects

    overseeing executive processes

    managing state finances / project budgets

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  • overseeing subsidiaries

    managing projects

    calculating revenues

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  • collaborating with satellite entities

    coordinating multi-level & transnational work

    managing budgets & complex funds

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About Us

László Galambos
László Galambos


He has managed his own IT software development and IT consultancy company in the last 20 years in Hungary. Laszlo’s firm has designed, created the methodology for, developed and implemented systems for the management of European Union pre-accession, EU regional development and national grants, including the unified, central system managing all EU development funds in Hungary. He is highly experienced in system design and development, programming and database development, as well as in project management and quality assurance methodologies.


Social Responsibility

Children's hospice

The Tabitha Pediatric Hospice House, the largest pediatric hospice institute in Hungary, which plays an important national role in the treatment of terminally ill children both due to its assignments and its location.

Tabitha Pediatric Hospice House (also referred as: Tabitha) opened its doors in September 2011 in Törökbálint (nearby Budapest, the capital of Hungary) as the founder László Galambos donated his own house and funded its operations. Currently the House operated by new owner: Baptist Aid as a Tabitha Non Profit LLC.